Horizon PWR

Horizon PWR

Solar solar batteries solar panels Generac energy savings

Boise / Idaho
Riley Johnson

Riley Johnson

Sales Manager

Seeking sales reps wanting to grow fast with lots of opportunity for growth and leadership!

Up to $17,500 / 5 sales monthly.

About us

We are an award-winning solar company that helps homeowners switch from renting their power to owning their power through solar energy. We currently provide solar panel installation in Idaho and Oregon.

Our Mission Statement:

“Brightening the world’s horizon through the promotion of clean energy, while empowering each other to brighten our individual horizons through a culture of self-development, hard-work and team-achievement.”

This award winning Solar Company is the fasted growing Solar company in the Northwest!

Our company is founded on the concept that everyone can attain new horizon’s that improve the world around us by “owning our power.”

For us, this goes beyond installing solar on our homes –We like to say, “we don’t just sell power, WE ARE POWER”.

- Do you want to improve your leadership skills, while making a positive impact on the planet?

- Do you thrive in an environment where “growth” is the only constant?

- Do you want to be part of a Winning Team?

Something we would like you to know!

Because we are fast growing company we work in a fast pace competitive environment where we are open to change for good and problem solving!

If this is something that excites you then I this could be a great fit for you!

Job Type: This is an Independent Sales Contractors role (1099)
Boise, Idaho, United States, 83713
Employee location
Boise, Idaho, United States, 83713
In Office
Average Sales Value $20,000 - $60,000
Commission Per Sale 0% Sell-in cycle: 1 – 1 days
Flat Rate Per Sale $3500
Types of Salespeople Field Sales Rep Lead Closer Outbound Prospector Outside Sales Rep Sales Development Rep Sales Executive
Keywords Solar solar batteries solar panels Generac energy savings

Boise, Idaho, United States, 83713
In-Office position